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AIHOMI® is a global E-Commerce Retailer with Distribution Centers across America. All items listed are designed in-house or sourced from various verified manufacturers across the globe, with the utmost attention to quality and Here You Buy Creative & Innovative Products and Feel a Great Experience of Shopping In AIHOMI.


Both our sale channels in Shopify and Amazon (Aihomi brand) run parallel with the same policy and products. But in our Shopify, it tends to give customer more choice than in Amazon. Besides, in Shopify, customer easier to find the discount when buy bulk product than in Amazon. However, in the August, some of our Amazon’s product such as Nano Silver Face Mask will available under FBA fulfillment, which allows customer using Prime account to buy with shipping time in max speed 2-3 days.


Our storage in New Jersey and Texas always available to serve the customers. In Texas we have some types of face mask such as: 2D face mask (2 layers), Flag American face mask (3 layers). Other types available in New Jersey include: VN95 Medical Face Mask (4 layers), Nano Silver Face Mask (3 layers), Style cotton face mask (2 layers).

We ready to serve you 24/7, your safety & satisfaction are our purposes.


With the storage in USA, normally, our shipping time is 3-7 days through USPS. The processing time is 1 days from New Jersey and 1-3 days in Texas. We were rating 4.5 star in Amazon and most of customer satisfy with our services. High quality product, Fast shipping and excellent customer service are our goals.

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Your satisfaction is our best value.


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